A More Natural Approach to Parenting


Doctor giving a child an intramuscular injection in arm

Parents are increasingly becoming concerned at the push by government to “have your child vaccinated or else.” Some parents may be philosophically opposed, some may believe that vaccines go against their core beliefs about health and wellness, some may object to what seems to be a painful assault on their child, and others may believe that the benefits of immunization do not justify the risks. More and more childhood vaccines are being offered and this in itself concerns parents as it is truly an overload on such a small body.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which strongly endorses universal immunization, acknowledges that physicians may need to tolerate parental decisions with which they disagree if those decisions are not likely to be harmful to the child. Parents are free to make choices regarding medical care unless those choices place their child at substantial risk of serious harm.

If the government were to endorse a campaign to increase Americans' breastfeeding rate, it would prevent more childhood diseases – and deaths – than all of the current vaccination programs.

Vaccine Nation

American children are now the most vaccinated on earth. There are so many vaccines, most unheard of not that many years ago, but do we really need to forcibly inject children with vaccines for every disease on the planet? The vast majority childhood infectious diseases are benign and self-limiting. Getting the disease usually imparts lifelong immunity, whereas vaccine-induced immunity is only temporary. In fact, the temporary nature of vaccine immunity can create a more dangerous situation in a child's future, once they become adult. Whether or not you decide to have your child vaccinated against any or all of these diseases, it is important to do everything that you can do to keep your child healthy, to promote the strength of your child's immune system, and avoid things that can weaken it.

The thinking behind universal vaccination is that it lessens risks across populations for any given disease. Well-meaning nurses, doctors, and school staffers often gently coerce parents to conform to the notion that vaccination is a standard procedure. Don’t all parents want to keep their children healthy and spare them from serious diseases? So when we’re told that we should have our children vaccinated for fifteen different diseases during their infancy, most parents readily do so. It is hard to resist, especially for vulnerable first-time parents

How to Strengthen Your Child's Immune System Naturally

A healthy lifestyle continues the immunity established by breastfeeding. Whole foods from the earth, avoidance of toxins of all kinds, exposure to sunlight, sufficient rest, and being part of a peaceful family all contribute to freedom from disease.

Are All of These Vaccines Justified?

Many pediatricians, not all, are unwilling or unable to discuss this subject calmly or with an open mind. They are part of the medical establishment, in alliance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the pharmaceutical companies, so their personal and professional identities are based upon the assumed effectiveness and safety of vaccines.

Every vaccine carries risks of harm that might outweigh any benefit derived from that vaccine. Weigh the likelihood that your child will be exposed to and then contract a particular disease and likewise consider any of the potential consequences of that disease. What you find out may lead you to question the wisdom behind some or all of the recommendations your pediatrician and other medical professionals make about vaccinations.

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